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Join the Pekin Archers community today and unlock a world of archery excellence nestled within the scenic confines of Dirksen Park. As a member of Pekin Archers, you're not just joining an archery club; you're becoming part of a passionate group of archery enthusiasts who share your love for the sport.
Our club offers individual and family memberships for just $50 per calendar year, spanning from January 1st to December 1st. Please note, the Pekin Park District locks the gate at the drive of Dirksen Park from December 1st to early March, depending on weather conditions, but come spring, the range eagerly awaits from sunrise to sunset.
Becoming a member is easy! Memberships can be obtained at:
  • Pekin Bass & Bow in Pekin
  • Presley's Outdoor in Bartonville
Alternatively, click here to print it out, or contact us and ask us to send you a membership form. Simply fill it out, include your $50 check or money order (payable to Pekin Archers), and mail it to:
Pekin Archers c/o Nancy Kerley
425 Joliet Road
Marquette Heights, IL 61554
Membership Benefits Include:
  • Access to our practice range featuring targets from 10 yards to 65 yards.
  • Enjoyment of our field range with 14 targets—shoot twice around for a comprehensive archery experience.
  • The thrill of our 3D targets set in the woods, bringing your archery skills to life against foam animal targets.
  • An exclusive membership card providing you the gate combination for access.
  • A new bylaws/constitution booklet to keep you informed and engaged with club policies and events.
Please be aware, in accordance with Pekin Park District and Pekin Archers' policies, no broadheads are allowed on the property. For those who prefer crossbows, you are welcome to use the bags on the practice range, but not the bales, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all.
Join us at Pekin Archers, where your archery journey broadens with every arrow you release. Whether you're a seasoned archer or just starting, our club is the perfect place to practice, learn, and connect with fellow archery enthusiasts. See you at the range!

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