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Rules & Safety

Archery equipment safety is a matter of conscious attention.

Please read below to get an understanding of our safety practices.


Never shoot when someone is downrange of you.

  1. No horseplay. Safety comes first. Anyone acting in an unsafe or unsportsmanlike manner will be asked to leave.
  2. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on Pekin Archers' courses.
  3. No broadhead arrows are allowed, including practice ones. These arrowheads are not allowed by the Pekin Park District, so our targets are not designed to handle them.
  4. Do not disfigure target faces on the practice or field range.
  5. Crossbows are allowed only on the practice range. Please shoot at the small bags rather than the large bales. Crossbow shooters may also bring their own bags if they so choose.
  6. Please keep dogs leashed at all times.
  7. Please keep ranges clean. All waste should be discarded into the provided receptacles.
  8. Members may bring a guest twice. To come to the range a third time, the guest must become a member of the club.
  9. Lock the gate when entering and leaving the range.
  10. Minors must be accompanied by an adult club member.

Work tickets will be given to Pekin Archers club members who participate in scheduled work parties or help with scheduled shoots. These tickets can be used for the following:

  1. Club Shoot. (1) ticket can be used to pay for a single club shoot. Ticket must be presented at time of registration.
  2. Annual Membership. (5) tickets can be used to buy a one-year club membership.
  3. Lifetime Membership. (60) tickets can be used by an archer in good standing who has been a member for 5 years. These tickets must be ones personally earned by the individual.

Never dry fire your bow.

  1. Make sure your arrows are long enough for your draw length; short arrows can cause serious injury.
  2. Never lend your arrows to someone who uses longer arrows than you.
  3. Check strings and buss cables. Ensure they are properly routed on the appropriate pulleys.
  4. Check bow limbs for cracks or other damage. Never shoot a bow with cracked or damaged limbs.
  5. Never shoot a damaged arrow. This includes nicks, cracks, dents, bends, etc.
  6. Break damaged arrows in two and properly dispose of them.
  7. Replace any arrow nocks that are cracked or damaged.
  8. Carry arrows properly in a quiver and handle carefully. Arrow points are sharp.


The field range consists of 14 targets positioned along the trail leading back into the woods on the archery range. You will shoot each target twice for a total of 28 shots. It is up to each archer to maintain their own safety discipline. Most of the rules on the target range still apply in the field with these additional rules:

  1. It is not recommended to shoot alone on the field range.
  2. Make sure your target is clear of other archers who may be on the trail ahead of your group.
  3. Never walk the trail in reverse. If you decide to stop shooting, continue walking the course forward.
  4. If you miss your target and your arrow goes beyond it, one person from your group should stand in front of the target while you search for your arrow.


  1. Take your position at the shooting line only when instructed.
  2. Nock your first arrow only after the signal to shoot is given (typically one whistle blast).
  3. When drawing your bow, always point your arrow at the target.
  4. If shooting solo, do not draw unless the entire target area is clear, including behind the target.
  5. If your arrow falls off the rest, let down and restart the shot. Never attempt to replace an arrow at full draw.
  6. Do not step over the shooting line to retrieve arrows or other equipment. Wait until the signal to retrieve arrows is given (typically two whistle blasts).
  7. Stop shooting immediately when you hear an emergency signal (typically three or more whistle blasts).
  8. Never shoot an arrow into the air. Shoot only at designated targets.

After Shooting:

  1. Step back from the line once you have shot your last arrow. It is considered courteous to remain in place if an archer next to you is at full draw.
  2. Place your bow in the rack while retrieving your arrows. If left on the ground, your bow could become a tripping hazard.
  3. Only cross the shooting line once the signal has been given to retrieve arrows (typically two whistle blasts).
  4. Walk towards the target to retrieve your arrows. Any arrows that didn't reach the target should be retrieved on the way to the target.
  5. Ensure nobody is directly behind you when pulling arrows to avoid injuries.
  6. If the target area has an upper and lower target, pull from the upper target first.


Red Stake: Targets @ 40 yards or less
Blue Stake: Targets @ 30 yards or less
Yellow Stake: Targets @ 25 yards or less
Orange Stake: Targets @ 15 yards or less


  1. One arrow per target.
  2. No overhead drawing (AKA "sky drawing").
  3. Limit time searching for lost arrows to 3 minutes maximum.


  1. When shooting on the practice range, be mindful of other shooters on the range. You may shoot from any distance from 10 to 65 yards.
  2. Never go to retrieve arrows until all shooters have fired their arrows. Once finished, all shooters clear the range to gather arrows.
  3. Crossbow shooters should only use the small bags provided on the range. Do not shoot crossbow bolts into the large bales.

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